An important change to the classification of pyrethrum by MPS.

Who are MPS?

The MPS group are an adjudicating body that support horticultural entrepreneurs to operate more sustainably. Their aim is to make sustainability completely transparent, measurable and demonstrable by developing innovative certification standards.

 They are a professional sustainability certification body and therefore initiate, inspire, and facilitate the dialogue on innovation, sustainability and quality in the chain. Their mission is to contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly production. They create a global and comparable standard as well as accelerating entrepreneurs’ sustainability thinking and actions and support the sector to strengthen its market position worldwide. ECAS is the independent certification body within the MPS group. It performs audits with a focus on sustainability and food safety using a traffic light rating system: red (bad), amber (ok) and green (good).

 MPS are used by many Flower Farms here in Kenya as well as globally, and MPS effectively control the inputs that the Flower Farms use.

 What have MPS got to do with KAPI?

 For the last decade, MPS have shown pyrethrum to be a RED (bad) insecticide active ingredient, whereas all other certifiers have shown pyrethrum as very good.

 Kapi Limited make Flower DS 4EC and Flower Dust for use in agriculture – and Flower Farms are big customers. Many of the MPS certified flower farms have been questioning the MPS classification of pyrethrum for years.

 Kapi Limited first started dialogue with MPS in 2016, however MPS has only just revised its classification from RED (bad) to GREEN (good) – a total change that is incredibly pleasing for Kapi Limited as well as all the MPS certified farms here in Kenya and around the globe.

 At last, all of these farms can use Flower DS 4EC and Flower Dust knowing that it is categorised as GREEN (good) by MPS.

 Both Flower DS 4EC and Flower Dust are 100% natural, and environmentally friendly. They are incredibly effective at killing a broad spectrum of insects (including thrips, aphids and white fly – but also many other insect types!). Flower DS 4EC is approved for use in Organic Farms by EcoCert.

 Both product leave zero residues, so are ideal for all farms with Maximum Residue Level concerns.

 For more information about Flower DS 4EC, Flower Dust or the MPS change of classification, give Winrose of Kapi Limited a call on 0710 615 604


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Pyrethrum is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly insecticide. It is broad spectrum, meaning it kills virtually all insects, yet it has very low mammalian toxicity, and is therefore safe for use with humans and most warm blooded animals.
Its application in agriculture is also unique.

As it is 100% natural it can be used as an insecticide in organic farming, and is one of the few insecticides allowed for use in Certified Organic Production of crops in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Pyrethrins (the active chemicals in pyrethrum) have been used in insect control for more than 170 years. The commercial production of pyrethrum flowers in Kenya started in 1928.